Sustainable Travel

Sorjonen Villas are part of the complex where the main part is a modern, responsibly
functioning farm. The farm’s main production type is beef production. The majority of the
feedstuffs comes from our own fields. Any field – rental fields included – are cultivated
according to environmental commitments. The goal is to obtain the necessary capital goods
as close as possible. In this way, we would be able to continue to take care of the well-being
of the surrounding countryside. If necessary, we use purchasing services from contractors
nearby. It is important for us to treat animals well – we have always invested in suitable and
animal-friendly production facilities.

The holiday cottages have been built using our own work from the timber in our own forest
(Villa Tuulahdus was peeled by a local entrepreneur using our own trees).
By taking care of the upkeep of buildings on a regular basis (and whenever necessary), we
ensure a long service life of the buildings – thus saving natural resources. If necessary, in
addition to our own work, we use specialists in the vicinity (HVAC, electricity).
We use durable materials in the interiors of the facilities.

Waste sorting and recycling are present-day.
There is a waste sorting point for all holidaymakers under one roof.
We have made a “Commitment2050” commitment where we aim to further develop waste

All units have wood-heated saunas, fireplaces and outdoor hearths available to customers.
Firewood comes from our own sustainably managed forests and we take care of the work

We take care of the cleaning of the facilities ourselves and so we can guarantee a safe and
peaceful holiday for everyone.
Cotton kitchen towels are used in the kitchen and linen towels in saunas – so the use of
disposable paper is diminished.

We welcome all customers regardless of their country of origin, age, gender, sexual
orientation, religion or opinions. We have the will to respect our customers equally and we
expect them to do the same for ourselves.

Using local services such as shops and other businesses (hairdressers, masseurs, beauty
treatments, etc.) would enable our customers to stay in the countryside lively and
We use ourselves as many local services as possible and we also hope that our customers
would do so.

A “Responsible Traveller” booklet is available at each accommodation, explaining how
travellers can make their holiday more responsible. The guide includes the tips on e.g.
moving around in nature, prioritising local food and saving energy.

We do our best to preserve the pure Finnish nature for future generations.
Locally produced food does not require long energy-consuming transport chains, and in crisis situations, it is important that the self-sufficiency rate is as high as possible in each

Tourism within the country or in neighbouring countries consumes less nature than long-
distance travels. Moving from one place to another using muscular energy is also a good
option for exploring nearby attractions and other destinations.
Each of us is part of a chain that leads to the future. Living in a manner that saves natural
resources and respects nature and the environment. Like this, we would also guarantee
future generations the opportunity to enjoy safe future.